No one size fits all!  That’s why we develop bespoke training for each of our partners here at Proven Performance, be it group training or 1:1 coaching.

Customised Training

We appreciate that each business has a different set of requirements, different goals and vision, so all our training is customised to reflect that business’ need.  It’s not about trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

We will work with you, undertake research to help define the training needs and develop a programme to fulfil your requirements and ensure it’s targeted for your audience, whether it’s a short or long-term training programme.

Our core focus and strength lie in:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Workplace culture/engagement
  • Building effective teams
  • Building resilience, managing stress and mindfulness
  • Making effective use of your time
  • Customer service
  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • 100% ownership and ’Living above the line’
  • Growth mindset.

This list isn’t exhaustive, so if there’s an area of interest not listed, please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and potential training plan.


“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning” – CNN

Coaching is about helping to improve someone’s mindset to allow them to progress in a particular area and providing accountability to move ahead at a faster rate than they would on their own.  It’s about change and learning, not about just teaching new ways and skills. 

When there is external accountability (i.e. in the form of a Coach), we find people generally perform better and act quicker to make the changes necessary to move forward.

Our coaching programmes are confidential and bespoke to each individual. We adopt a holistic approach to the learner’s personal and professional life; providing the tools for work, life and play and creating a balanced and fulfilled perspective through the art of questioning. 

Coaching isn’t a one-off session.  We suggest a minimum of a 3-month commitment with three 45-minute phone sessions each month to keep you on track and identify further areas of focus.

Unlock your potential and maximise your own performance through our Customised Training and Coaching programmes.

Simply contact us on 06 929 5469 to get started.