Maximising results is about maximising each individual’s contribution and ensuring the natural energy of a team is balanced.  This is what creates effective results…consistently.

A business that is focused on increasing its growth opportunities should commit to consciously understanding what this involves and how it can be achieved.

Here, at Proven Performance we use a profiling tool that allows you to understand your own maximum contribution (your natural energy) to a team, company or organisation, and how you can leverage your own skills, expertise and time to ensure you’re demonstrating your most valuable role within your team, company or organisation.  The tool we use is the Contribution Compass by Sirdar.

Maximising contribution, maximising results

Your natural energy refers to the way you think and operate.  Some people will quickly make decisions to drive concepts and projects forward, while others may take longer to fully evaluate a situation or take action.  There is no right or wrong way of doing things, but what the tool allows is for you to identify, create and sustain your own value which you can then leverage to ensure your natural energy is working effectively. If everyone does this around the board table or within a team environment, there is much more effective flow and consequently effective results.

The Contribution Compass profiler

Within the compass there are four natural energies – Activating, Inspiring, Sustaining and Tempering – that combine in varying degrees for every person.  This provides a unique profile highlighting how that individual is likely to contribute the greatest value. Ideally within a team environment, you would want a mix of all four to enable effective flow and a balance of ideas and actions.

Within the four energies there are eight profiles.  To establish your personal profile, you will complete a 24-question survey which asks you to rank how you would naturally respond to specific work-context situations, which are designed to be thought-provoking and self-reflected questions.

Your profile

Once you have established your profile, the key to continued success is to apply what you have learnt and understand about your own profile and that of others around you to unlock your collective contribution.

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