We grow people to elevate performance

We offer customised corporate training solutions that enable you and your team to focus on long range strategy and objectives, develop a world class culture and an expectation of high performance.

Let's Make This Happen

Your Success Is Our Success

We know your company is not box-shaped, so we’re not going to try and fit you into one. We are only interested in providing corporate training that is going to bring you the success you want.

Immediate Results, Lasting Change

We commit ourselves to delivering immediate results and lasting change. In every aspect of work performance, success is 80% mindset and 20% tactics. Get the mindset right and people will be chasing you to learn the tactics.

The Momentum Approach

Our unique model focuses on building massive momentum across all levels of the business as we support our partners in maximizing return on investment.

Client Success Stories:

Andrew Graney and his team at PAK'nSAVE Tamatea have experienced excellent improvement in their team culture and staff confidence. With training aligned to their strategic plan and focused on unleashing the potential of their leaders, supervisors and team members, the results have been transformational.

Custom Training Solutions, Tailored For You

Our passion is to help businesses elevate their team’s performance, to achieve a new level of success.

Our corporate training changes behaviour and harnesses people’s potential. We do this by:

  • Understanding key issues your business is facing;
  • Understanding what success looks like to you;
  • Designing, developing and delivering customized corporate training solutions that change behaviors;
  • Evaluating the results to ensure we have achieved success.

Nothing Off-The-Shelf

We don’t have off-the-shelf training programmes because we are passionate about designing, developing and delivering business-specific corporate training that aligns with your organisation's values, vision and strategic goals.

Freeing You To Dream Again

We exist to free senior managers from having to work down so they can focus on working up, allowing strategy and future goals to be their focus. We develop all members of the team to be self-leaders and elevate their performance.

"Thank you for helping us become more independent! I have been using lots of strategies that you taught us and really enjoying the changes that I have made since completing the programme. I am really grateful for the whole leadership journey that I am on!"

- Maria MacLean | Occupational Therapist, WDHB

"A long testimonial quote about how amazing Proven Performance is will go here."

- The Person

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