Our unique Momentum Approach will enable you to build massive forward momentum in your business. It’s designed to create greater impact than standalone or off the shelf training programmes and achieves greater results than sending a single person to an offsite course.

How? Momentum results come from creating a vertical alignment of messaging across all programmes and involves larger numbers of staff training collectively. 

The outcome? Engagement of staff in common conversation, focus, alignment and therefore momentum inside the business.

The five success factors of the Momentum Approach

We want to understand your vision, values, culture and strategic objectives.  Where is your business now and what are your goals for the future?  We will help identify what changes in behaviour are required (at all levels of the business) to achieve your vision.

We are a part of your team.  We will work with you and fit in with the demands of your business.  If we arrive for a meeting, your chiller has broken down and 300 kg of meat is at risk of spoiling, we’ll ask how we can help – true story!

We will collectively develop an Impact Statement to ensure we’re all clear on expected results and how success (ROI) will be measured.

This is a game changer when it comes to individual performance, team culture and ultimately productivity and profitability.  It’s a shift in mindset from “it’s not in my job description” to one of 100% ownership. 

Our training programmes are bespoke.  We do not offer ‘off the shelf’ products – these have limited success rates and a lack of accountability.  We will ensure there is a flow of information from the workshop to the workplace.  Our training will implement behavioural changes which stick!

Take advantage

Proven Performance can assist organisations to access Government funding for most of our training programmes so what are you waiting for? If you want to gain that forward momentum towards your strategic and operational goals, we’d love to hear from you.